We know that your image and brand is a vital part of your business. Your brand has to work effectively for you, with text and graphics tailored to tell your story to potential customers. We will develop the design solution that best meets your business and deliver it creatively, efficiently and within budget.


Marketing Campaigns

From concept to excecution, we develop innovative, one-of-a-kind campaigns specialized to your business or product. 


Print Media & Publication Design

Print media still remains a powerful component of a smart businesses plan, providing tangibility and credibility to solidify your advertising campaign and maximizing your advertising dollars. Maverick Design House offers turnkey production management to press check, delivering fully custom ads, brochures, catalogs, magazines, direct mailers, and promotional materials. 


Package Design

Our creative sales and design promotional team can offer many avenues of effective communication activities that will provide added value and incentives to consumers, wholesalers, retailers, or other organizational customers that will stimulate immediate sales.


Web Design

Our talented Maverick website team will effectively design and build your site that integrates seamlessly with your marketing plan. We will optimize your site for search engine visibility and traffic, while ensuring user ease of navigation. 


Social Media Consoltation

Social media is the new age cornerstone to a business. Understanding your demographic and engaging them with quality information is key. We will help you build your social media footprint or embellish your existing platforms. We research your market and help build your social voice.



The Maverick’s team of professional photographers has captured the digital imagery market with our highly creative and spontaneous approach to commercial and personal projects. 


Exhibits and Displays

Maverick’s staff includes many years experience in designing and manufacturing exhibits and displays. We build brands by creating brand experiences for our clients attending trade shows and marketing events. We maximize impact and ROI through creative content and promotions, innovative exhibit design, and cost-efficient products and services.