We produced the launch campaign for the MVP Carbon Headset by Monster. The MVP Carbon headset is the first of its kind, combining quality headsets that musicians love with noise-cancelling, total immersions that gamers look for in a headset.

From concept to execution, we developed the idea, art direction and overall marketing strategy, consisting of a 30 second promotional spot, print and digital ads in Sports Illustrated magazine and marketing across multiple social media platforms.

This stop-motion video and was created in what we called the “Monster Dome,” consisting of 24 cameras attached to a circular framework which captured over 70,000 images. The overall style of the campaign is dark and edgy with enough negative space to allow viewers to imagine what scene is coming next. The stop-motion technique combined with the flashlight used to create an orb around the subjects, best portrayed the digital and unique theme.

The video shows the transformation of Xzibit, the rapper, into an athlete in each of the EA SPORTS™ games. As he gets “inside the game”, you see others subjects transform from gamer to athlete. 

Sports Illustrated Ad

In addition to the promotional spot, we designed and photographed this ad for two Sports Illustrated 

Below is the full-length video showing even more of the transitions from gamer to athlete and lifestyle transitions to show the versatility of the headset.